When you live in bear country, it’s usually not the best idea to leave food in your car or truck. Why, you ask? Well, because bears can often smell it, and they occasionally will learn how to open doors. Don’t believe me? Maybe this video posted by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife NE Region will convince you otherwise.

This video was shot by a CPW officer in Evergreen, Colorado, just around 40 minutes from Denver. According to the video, the owner of the truck left dog food inside and failed to lock the doors, providing the perfect opportunity for the bear to weasel his way in. Either the owner locked the door after finding the bear or the bear managed to find a way to lock the doors. Both are very funny circumstances.

“Volume up to listen our wildlife officer free the bear and scare it from the area. Good lesson to bring in food from your vehicles! Bears can smell it and learn how to open doors.” – CPW NE Region

The little pause to look back that the bear takes while running away is pretty gold. The guy is just wondering what he did wrong…

In reality, the poor bear was probably just scared out of his mind. Let this be a reminder to stay aware of the wildlife in your area. If there are bears near by, don’t leave food outside and lock your vehicle. It’s both for your own good and their own good.

Image Credit: CPW NE Region on Twitter

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