Kirkwood Mountain Resort, and the rest of Lake Tahoe for that matter, have been slammed by one storm after another this season.

Kirkwood is reporting 80 inches in the last week, 163 inches from Jan 1-Jan 15, and 352 inches total on the season. It’s DEEP out there!

Powder skiers and riders are rejoicing, but Kirkwood took time this morning to remind guests about the increased tree well danger as a result of the snow.

They’re also asking guests to be cautious about snow falling off buildings, and to wear reflecting gear at night for snow removal crews.

Check out the full message below from Kirkwood:

“We have received A LOT of snow! That is probably not breaking news to anyone reading this, but let’s take a second to marvel at these numbers:

-80 inches in the last week ❄️💥
-163 inches through the first 15 days of January (that is over 10 inches per day on average) 🤯
-352 inches so far this season❄️😵‍💫❄️

Now, we know that gets us all excited, but we really want to remind everyone of the safety concerns.

With snow this deep, the tree wells are getting huge. Please ski with a buddy and bring a beacon, shovel, and probe if you can. We all need to look out for each other in these conditions.

Be aware of your surroundings in the base area. The snow stacking up on roofs can fall off in big bunches, enough to severely injure or bury you.

Wear reflective gear and use lights when walking around at night. Snow removal has a big job on their hands and making yourself visible at night helps a lot.

There are a lot of days left in the season, over 100 in fact, so let’s all safely enjoy this epic snowfall together!”

Hundreds of inches of snow is something to celebrate, but skiers and riders should always remember that powder comes with its own set of risks.

Please stay safe out there, friends.

Click here if you need a refresher on tree well safety.

Image Credits: Kirkwood Mountain Resort

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