“I’m super nervous but I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I could do it” 

We’ve throughly covered Tony Hawk’s gruesome femur break he suffered in March and it’s really heartening to see him return to the scene of the accident to get his first kickflip since his injury. The Birdman isn’t exactly known for his flatground tricks and he destroyed his leg just 7 months ago so might not be the prettiest kickflip but he took care of business:

“Seven months after fracturing his femur, Tony Hawk attempted his first kickflip since the injury. When Tony broke his leg in half it wasn’t clear at what level he would ever skate at again – if at all – let alone flip his board. After a grueling recovery process and sheer determination, the Birdman finally got his strength back enough to skate vert at a basic level and pop small ollies on flat. But there was still a major milestone in his way: the kickflip. With the help of his doctor Tony warmed up and got to work! 13 minutes later, he rode away in triumph with the same joy we all felt when we first learned to kickflip.”

Here’s a breakdown of the worst injury of Tony Hawk’s illustrious career: 

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