Every backcountry skier and rider’s worst nightmare is getting caught in a serious avalanche, right? I don’t think that’s even debatable.

The video below shows multiple skiers being swept away by a large avalanche in Slovakia. The video’s uploader provided the following statement to further explain the situation (keep scrolling for video):

Description translated from Polish to English:

The conditions were very dangerous that day. The avalanche danger level was 3+. We rode the descent (30-40 cm) on steep (25-30 degrees) North and North-East shows (Freeride Zone # 6). Because there were of course the best conditions and the most interesting couloirs. No strong wind, no clouds and the beautiful sun gave courage.

Before that, we carefully checked the weather and conditions. We didn’t go blind.

We started the avalanche through our own fault. The reason for it was the lack of theoretical and practical experience of a skier in a red jacket, who ran too dynamically and too close in my direction. I thought it was a safe place as it was over a small rock. I stood firmly, the lid felt steady. The slope began to change from steep to flat at this point. Previously, another skier ran, but more slowly, about 4 meters above me. There was no indication of what was about to happen.

We were aware of the great danger. We also consciously took this risk. We know what we are playing and what is at stake. Fortunately, there were no casualties, injuries and loss of equipment. We continued the ride until the end of the day.”

Watching that entire face break apart gave me literal chills down my spine. I’ve never had anything like this happen to me (thank god), but I can’t imagine the fear that must run through somebody’s body who experiences a slide of this magnitude.

Really glad that everybody was okay, and no injuries occurred. Please use their mistakes as an opportunity to learn!

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