“I wanted to do something different, a film that non-surfers can also enjoy. A story of inspiration and persistence. The film tells the story of the grind being a South African professional surfer trying to qualify for the WSL Championship Tour. It’s been a crazy journey since I was a young competitive grom. After COVID 19 hit it’s really given me time to step away from the competitive mindset I’ve been set on the last few years, being able to score some of the best waves I’ve ever had right in my backyard igniting the fire within me as I head off to compete again on the WSL Challenger Series mid September hoping this will be the year I achieve greatness on the next chapter of my journey.” Adin Masencamp

After years traveling the world chasing wins,  South African professional surfer Adin Masencamp, finds himself at home with time to reflect and surf the world class waves on offer. This short film directed by by Michael Veltman highlights the financial pressure surrounding surfers trying to qualify for the World Surf League Championship Tour, while showcasing surfing in its rawest form.

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