Imagine writing that headline in 1821? 😆

This Texan got creative when snow and freezing temps plagued the Lone Star state last winter. He must have figured, “Well the governor said I have to be okay with losing power… might as well make the most of it!”  Looks like a blast considering that neighborhood appears to be extremely flat.

Somewhere a gear outfitter is trying to figure out how to sell guided flatland ski tours using these bad boys in the middle-of-nowhere Montana.


David Carroll: “Learning experience, have to get the harness right before clipping into skis, because they limit movement a lot, and don’t sit down without taking off the ski’s first, or you get trapped, and have to eject, which while funny the first time would probably be annoying the second time. Also getting rid of the second XC tank, saddlebag, and reserver would help with the weight which the quads have to pull to stay upright on skis. Over time it’s a lot more effort on the legs than carrying the weight without skis, or skiing without a paramotor.

Yes I live in TX and own skis and boots, no I don’t know what type they are, they are from a thrift store in Park City Utah, and they slide on snow and the boots are comfy for under 50 bucks :). I’m here for a good time, not for a fancy time.

This is my new channel format, just sharing stupid, fun, or whatever stuff with friends. I’m moving away from trying to do fancy editing. Aint nobody got time for that.”

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