Active wildfires as of 2PM CST on 7/20/21

Magic Mountain Ski Area shared some hazy pictures of the mountain today. The air is filled with smoke from western wildfires thousands of miles away in Vermont.

This year’s fire season has started earlier than usual as the crippling drought has affected most western states, but it’s still shocking to see wildfire smoke fill the air as far east as Vermont.

The current Fire and Smoke map from AirNow shows that the majority of the continental US is experiencing light to moderate smoke in the atmosphere even though the furthest fire east fire is located in South Dakota (and one in The Everglades).

Captured on 7/20/21 at 2PM CST. Gray shading indicates level of smoke in the area

AQI readings are reading above 100 in eastern cities like Philadelphia and New York City prompting officials to release health warnings for sensitive groups.

There are currently 80 active large wildfires active in 13 western states. The west needs rain but its not looking good as the region enters typically the worst time of year for wildfires…

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