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With spring skiing winding down for mountains across the United States, it comes as a double surprise that the National Weather Service has issued a forecast for up to 6” of fresh to fall on the big islands Mauna Kea between now and Saturday morning. Reaching an impressive altitude of 13,803 feet, the highest point in the island State is no stranger to snowfall. While it’s not the basis for the regions international reputation, for several years now a unique breed of tropical skiers and snowboarders have sought smooth rides down the slopes of the young volcano. Weatherboy reports that in January 2021 the tropical mountain received over two feet of snow during a single storm that brought hundreds of local snow players and riders to the alpine.

Photo by: Alfred Muller

The National Weather Service cautions that anyone planning to travel the summit should monitor the latest forecasts and consider postponing until weather conditions improve. As the winter conditions arrive, rangers are likely to close the road that gives people access to the alpine.


Alright, who picked Hawaiians (and maybe a few lucky skiers on holiday) for the last freshies of the 2020-2021 snow season? Give that man a pineapple flavored cookie… The only question that remains is where does one rent a pair of skis in Hawaii?

Mauna Kea ski clip Feburary 2020: 


Alfred Muller

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