Lift Tickets - Arizona Snowbowl

^Courtesy: Arizona Snowbowl

We took to our Facebook page to ask our followers a question that stirred up quite the heated debate.

You can read all of the comments by clicking on the embedded post below:

*Most* people actually answered the question, and the rest gave an answer that went something like this, 

I’m not telling you because I don’t want this comment to draw too much attention to my favorite resort that nobody knows about and will never be able to find!’ 😆

Snow Report - Homewood Mountain

^Courtesy: Homewood Mountain Resort

Jeanette K: “Homewood, Ca. They get a bad rap for the lifts (for good reason) but the view is awesome, the crowds are minimal even on a powder day and you can ski out of bounds, when it’s safe. Never have wind holds.”

Ryan C: “Loveland Pass. Most people drive past it on the way to Epic/Ikon resorts without ever thinking of stopping there.”

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^Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Castle Mountain Resort

Scott B: “Some of the best places to ski are the ones off the beaten path. The snow is always good and the people are very friendly. Castle mountain in Alberta Canada is one of them gems.”

Drew H: “THE Arizona Snowbowl.”

Press at Powder Mountain

^Courtesy: Powder Mountain Resort

Brandon V: “Powder mountain in Utah! Best terrain for powder, bigger than the canyons, just not all lift accessible. Best place in my opinion”

Barry A: “Spring Mountain, located 90 mins North of Philadelphia in the suburbs. Nicknamed the “bump” it’s 3 slopes of pure excitement and where I started back in 88′.. lol”

China Peak Mountain Resort | California Ski Resort

^Courtesy: China Peak

Otto H: “China peak, hands down. Great weather and terrain.”

Sarah J: “Love Lutsen and the Lake Superior views!!”

Brian Head Scenic Drive |

^Brian Head Resort, Courtesy:

Brian C: “Brian Head, 400 inches of snow and its in the middle of nowhere. Some of the least crowded powder days you’ll ever see.”

Curtis W: “Sunlight Mountain”

Featured Image: Loveland Ski Area, Credit: Matt Lorelli

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