Bull Mountain, don’t go changin’! | Photo: Wikimedia Commons | Cover: Lee Coursey

Who says ski bums aren’t part of one giant, close-knit ski bum family?

This is not a rhetorical question and the answer is the city of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The Steamboat Springs City Council ruled this week that six, unrelated individuals cannot be allowed to live together in multifamily units including apartments and condos, even if the same raw enthusiasm for shredding gnar courses through all of their veins.

The decision came down from the hard-hearted city council after it received complaints of code violations at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp.’s employee housing building, known as the Ponds.

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The screamin’ deal in question is known as a “six person economy unit” and is available to resort staff at the rock-bottom price of $260 per person per month. And despite full-time maintenance staff and a Steamboat Springs Police Department officer living onsite, local interlopers couldn’t leave well enough alone and decided to break up the ski bum’s access to easy livin’.

Sounding more than a little classist, one Steamboat resident told the Pilot:

If people made more money, we wouldn’t have to live in this little, teeny, tiny area. People are on bunk beds in their mid-20s, sometimes 30s. I feel a little bit more grown up than that. It’s hard because we do what we have to so that we can work here and live here. We want to have a good time, but having six people in a two-bedroom apartment really isn’t ideal in any sense.”

Jeez, lady. Forcing your lifestyle on others much?

The resort has expressed disappointment at the decision of the council. Forced evictions of the gentle bums will, however, be mercifully delayed until after the current season concludes.

Read the full story in the Steamboat Pilot & Today here and then go clean up a park or something.

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