Looky here folks, if you are ever walking along in the mountains and see something that looks like this, back away and let the authorities know its position. This unexploded avalanche bomb was found near Peak 7 on U.S. Forest Service land in Breck Wednesday afternoon.

Summit Daily reports that despite Stage 1 Fire Restriction in place prohibiting the use of any explosives, the sheriff’s office in cooperation with the Fire Protection District and the Forest Service decided a controlled detonation was the best course of action. If you heard a bomb go off in Breck Thursday morning, that is what you heard:

“In the interest of public safety, this is the best course of action as it could be highly dangerous to move the found explosive or have it found by another backcountry user. This is a good time to remind backcountry users that explosives can be found on occasion and suspicious items should be left and immediately reported to the sheriff’s office.” -Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons

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