These mountain bike inspired wheelchairs by Mountain Trike are built for all terrain access. The trikes are constructed with rugged high end Mountain Bike including lightweight aluminum frames making these puppies trail ready out of the box. At £4,495 ($5,951 USD) they are quite pricey but worth considering:

Mountain Trike

The Mountain Trike is our flagship Trike – all-terrain, self-propelled, sleek, versatile and available in any colour.

This is the ideal Trike for your outdoor every day use, whether it be a muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops, a walk in the park and for the more adventurous, it has even been used to climb the odd mountain or two! The unique lever drive system allows the rider to have clean, dry hands whatever the weather.

If at any point your circumstances change and you find it difficult to self-propel it is possible to convert the Mountain Trike to a MT Push.  See our MT Push product page for a detailed spec of this product. This offers greater flexibility for everyone.

  1. FRAME – Aluminium Frame
  2. SUSPENSION – Rock Shox monarch R Air shocks
  3. BRAKES – All weather SRAM Level hydraulic disc brakes
  4. FOOTREST – Adjustable height footrest, flips up for transfer, removable
  5. SUPPORT – Moulded comfort cushions, tension adjustable support straps, foot straps, option for seatbelt
  7. SEAT WIDTH – 17inches
  8. SEAT ANGLE – 20 degrees ‘bucket’ for comfort and safety
  9. SEAT CUSHION – Removable foam cushion (Size 40cm), wipe clean polyester fabric
  11. SEAT LENGTH – 44.7cm – 48.7cm
  12. FOOTREST HEIGHT – Max foot rest height – 41cm to 48cm
  13. WHEEL SIZE – 24 inches
  14. OVERALL WIDTH – 74cm
  15. WEIGHT – 20kg
  16. BACK HEIGHT – 37cm (also adjustable forwards or backwards), higher seat backs available on request
  17. RIDER – Maximum weight of rider is 100KG, Maximum height of rider is 6’4

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