Its a unique format they’re running up at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Alaska. They call it “Kings & Corn” where you go from shredding perfect 4,000ft top to bottom runs of corn snow to catching king Salmon all in a luxurious pristine wilderness setting. What do you think?

Here’s their pitch:

Kings and Corn: cast and carve your way through the day with summer heli skiing plus guided fly-in fishing for the legendary Alaska King Salmon at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska. With the June midnight sun, the action doesn’t stop unless you want it to. All of Kings and Corn’s adventures are just a short heli ride from the front door of Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, perched at the headwaters of the prolific Talachulitna River.

Corn snow skiing

Corn snow, the result of melt-freeze cycles, is ideal for Alaska heli skiing and boarding–it even holds up well in our margaritas. Pebble-size kernels of softening ice have a soft carve-able surface and our guides are experienced harvesters who know how to predict the best timing for the best locations. Count on corn runs during the morning hours, or at the end of the day, after the cooling has refrozen the round crystals. One Kings and Corn highlight is experiencing a carve-able surface for T-shirt skiing in 75 degrees.

King Salmon fishing

Photo by PobyThe weather can often dictate what activity we will pursue. Either way…skiing or fishing- we have you covered! Some days we will combine king salmon fishing and skiing in the same day. If the weather keeps us out of the mountains, we launch Heli rafting trips. We will land you and your friends along the river and float sections of the Talachulitna river. Fishing along the way too kings, rainbow trout and grayling. Some sections even include splashy whitewater.

When the daily activities wrap up, its back to the lodge for apps, drinks and dinner. If you have not had enough, there is plenty of daylight to end your day behind the master craft or jet skiing, stand up paddling, canoeing or kayaking around the glassy lake. Listen for the loons as the sun sets around 1 am!

There is nothing like June in Alaska. We all love to turn you on!

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