“The world is your waterbed.”

Have you ever wanted to pull a Tom Sawyer and peace out from civilization to live on a raft as you lazily meander down a river? Well now you can save yourself the trouble of latching lumber and just order the SmithfFly Shoal Tent ($1,499).

It might be a bit cumbersome to get in the backcountry topping out at 130 pounds but that tagline “The World Is Your Waterbed” makes me want to dismiss practicality and budgetary issues and just order it.  Here, watch the vid:


70% of the earth is covered with water, now you camp on it!

Introducing the Shoal Tent, a first of it’s kind inflatable floating raft with a tent topper that allows you to sleep out on the water. Camp on your favorite farm pond, salt water flat, spring creek or eddy on your favorite river.

The world is your waterbed. Sleep under the stars, on the water, feel the flow and let it lull you to sleep.

There are no tent poles, the tent structure is totally inflatable and when inflatated stands up to high winds without a problem. The raft body has three air chambers, two in the lower tube, one in the structure. The floor is a 6″ thick drop stitched high pressure floor that doubles as your air mattress. The tent fabric is heavy duty, waterproof, sealed with heavy duty #8 zippers.

The tent topper sides all attach and detach using heavy duty hook and loop for the ability to use just the top and get in and out easily through the sides if the need arises suddenly.

The tubes inflate to 3 PSI the drop stitched floor inflates to 10 PSI.

Outside to outside 8’x8′ footprint.
Inside comfortable allowance for people up to 6′-3″ tall laying down. Taller than that you can rest your head on the tubes or sleep diagonally, like Mike does.
Standing room is up to 6′-3″ in the middle.

Shoal Tent packs down into a burrito roll style carry and storage bag approx. 60″x24″x18″.

Kit comes with Storage bag, patch kit and manual foot pump.
Weight of tent is approx. 130 pounds. Product is imported.

About SmithFly:

SmithFly designs and builds modular gear for sportsmen who want to be able to change and reconfigure their gear to suit various conditions and situations. Our goal is to build as much as possible in the USA. Our hunting products are all made in small batches right in our own small workshop in an 1800s former distillery in Troy, Ohio. Most of our soft goods are made in the USA by small industrial sewing contractors that sew predominantly for the US military. Most of our rods reels and fly lines are made overseas by the same factories that make gear for the top brands in the fly fishing industry. Our unique small batch mentality allows us great flexibility to test and maintain the highest standards of quality possible. We stand behind ALL of gear with 100% satisfaction replacement warranty. 

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