WATCH: Smith Helmet's New Koroyd® Crumple-Zone Cylinders

WATCH: Smith Helmet's New Koroyd® Crumple-Zone Cylinders


WATCH: Smith Helmet's New Koroyd® Crumple-Zone Cylinders


It reminds me of one of those high school science projects where students are tasked with making a contraption to protect an egg from a 2 story drop. In this case Smith Helmets chose high-tech straws and the egg is our cranium.

Okay so the above video was dramatic but here’s a bit more scientific look at the tech produced by the company behind it:

Here’s Smith’s pitch on the new Koroyd® Crumple-Zone Cylinders material incorporated into there helmets:

“Smith’s objective and design philosophy behind Aerocore™ construction is to increase airflow, improve temperature regulation resulting in fog-free vision and improve impact resistance. The objective was achieved through the combination of materials such as EPS and Koroyd®, a revolutionary new material that absorbs more energy upon impact when compared to international standards, while increasing airflow. Aerocore™ construction through the use of Koroyd® and EPS allows for more vents to be placed throughout the helmet without sacrificing protection and comfort.”


  • Improved airflow and ventilation
  • Increased impact resistance
  • Reduce helmet volume and weight
  • Fog-free vision

The combination of Koroyd’s® precise and unique thermal welding process leads to a structure with both extremely efficient and consistent energy absorption properties. Upon impact, the cores crush in a completely controlled manner, decelerating the energy from the impact and reducing the final trauma levels.


Thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes, thermally welded to create an unparalleled consistent and fully engineered core. Each Koroyd® section is engineered to precise durometer, size, and thickness specifications to provide the greatest impact resistance and aesthetically consistent presentation.


Koroyd® is an energy absorber which is fully breathable and doesn’t compromise impact performance. Koroyd’s® open cell construction allows cool air in, while expelling hot air from the rider’s head. The completely open cell construction integrates with internal channels to create the full Aerocore™ construction to provide ventilated protection.

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