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Might as well throw some more fuel on the fire.

Although we express no beef between knuckle draggers and two plankers here @UnofficialNetworks, after reporting on an incident earlier today that involved a skier pushing a snowboarder off a chairlift at Highlands, it’s evident the beef is alive and well in Aspen.

Add an overdue $800,000 bill to a Snowmass snowboarder’s tab and that beef is taking a financial form in Pitkin County.

A crash back in January of 2015 that involved a skier and snowboarder has resulted in a debt that will likely ruin one snowboarder’s credit for life. A district court ruled that Randall Guelfo of Woody Creek must pay a Florida skier roughly $800,000 dollars after violating the Colorado Ski Safety Act reports the Aspen Times.

Randall Guelfo works two service industry jobs @Snowmass.

At the time of the accident, Tracey Swaine of Florida was the downhill skier, which according to the CSSA, gives her the right of way. The lawsuit claims that the Guelfo jumped from a catwalk and crashed into Swaine, subsequently fracturing her tibula, fibula, humerus, and ankle. According to her lawyer, she still has trouble walking,

In an interview with the Aspen Times, Guelfo commented on the accident saying, “She was standing at the bottom of the hill, and I was coming off the top of it. It was a blind landing, and she was standing where she shouldn’t be.”

The crash happened in the Sheer Bliss zone of Aspen Snowmass.

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However, the lawsuit never went to trial because the Snowmass employee neglected to file a formal response to the complaint. He even failed to appear at a court date that was set for October 30 of this past year.

Commenting on his lack of action, he simply said, “I didn’t get a lawyer because I was working so much all summer long,” to which he added “I really didn’t think these people were going to go through with it.”

Looks like someone is going to be picking up a 5th job this upcoming summer…

Swaine’s attorney has since filed a motion for Guelfo’s wages to be garnished until the debt is paid, something which Guelfo says he will not allow.

“She took a lick, for sure. I feel terrible about it, and I wish I could take it all back,” the Woody Creek resident said.“If I was a millionaire, I’d give her a million dollars. But I’m not a millionaire, unfortunately.”

Read the entire Aspen Times article here: Snowboarder overdue on $800,000 judgment to Snowmass crash victim

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