It seems as though dope smokers will stop at nothing to take down mileage markers with the marijuana related 420 number attached them or so it goes says the Idaho Transportation Department. According to the Jackson Hole News and Guide, the problem isn’t an Idaho thing either. Across the United States, reports of missing 420 mile markers are becoming a problem for folks who like to track their miles.

Are these people not using GPS yet?

However, Idaho is getting proactive in their fight against these thieving potheads by switching all 420 mile markers to 419.9 instead. In fact, Idaho will join the likes of Washington and Colorado in this move to prevent highway vandalism and theft.

In an interview with the JH News and Guide, Adam Rush of the Idaho Department of Transportation said only one sign south of Coeur d’Alene has been replaced. “Having a sign removed … is pretty rare,” said the IDT official. He then added, “In Idaho, people will shoot at them … before stealing them completely. We spend more time mending signs than replacing them.”

On the other hand, some states avoid having this problem because they don’t have a highway that runs for more than 400 miles. Such is the case in Oregon, where medical marijuana is legal. Washington on the other hand has had two of their 420 mile posts repeatedly stolen.

So far one has been replaced with the 419.9 mile mark and the other one remains missing.

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