Andrew Pollard is a lucky kid. Not because he just won the IFSA Junior Freeskiing event at Snowbird last weekend, that takes hard work and skill, but because he has been living/riding in LCC since he was about .1 years old. Andrew is one of the younger members of the Alta/Snowbird crew that has been taking  the freeskiing world by storm the last few years. Winning comps, staring in movies and getting all the ladies is nothing new to the guys in this posse.

I can tell you that conditions were a bit firm up at the Bird during this comp, but that didn’t seem to effect Andrew at all. His hard charging, no hesitation style on the hill is something we should all aspire to. Ladies get this one while he is hot!

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13 replies on “Andrew Pollard Wins the IFSA Junior Event at Snowbird”