1. BCA Tracker2 Beacon

The BCA Tracker2 is the most intuitive and simple to use beacon on the market, and with a thinner profile and lighter weight than the original Tracker, the BCA Tracker 2 is your goto beacon of choice.

2. K2 Rescue Shovel

black diamond climbing skins
Black Diamond Climbing Skins

If you’re heading into the backcountry, you need a shovel.  The K2 Rescue Shovel is light, and it has integrated hardware that can be used to convert the shovel, your partners skis, and a pair of poles into a rescue sled in the event of an accident.

3. BCA Stealth 300 Probe

The BCA Stealth 300 Probe is made of lightweight aluminum, and is just a touch longer than a lot of the probes you’ll find on the market.  Avalanche burial depths rand widely, and having an extra 40cm could be the difference between life and death.

4. BCA Float 32 Air Bag

The Airbag System has been proven time and again to  help backcountry skiers stay on top of the slide when things break lose.  With the BCA Float 32, you’ll have all the room you need, plus the life saving airbag functionality.

5. Black Diamond Climbing Skins

If you’re going up, your going to need skins to do so.  Black Diamond is one of the most trusted names in climbing, and you can rest assured that their skins will last you for seasons to come.

6. Dynafit TLT Radical Bindings

The Dynafit binding system is the lightest offering on the market, but they are also some of the most stable.  If you want to go far and go big with the same binding, you can’t beat a pair of Dynafits.

Cochise 130 Pro
Cochise 130 Pro

7. Dynastar Cham 107

The flat tail of the Cham 107 makes it a backcountry skier’s dream come true.  Setting up an anchor for a belay is a breeze, and their light weight will keep you out there longer and hiking farther.

8. K2 Backside Carbon Ski Poles

Having an adjustable pole with a powder basket is a must when traversing the backcountry.  You can extend the poles for the climb up, but break them down to your usual height for ride back down.

9. Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro

If you love the up as much as the down, you need a boot that can handle both.  The Tecnica Cochise 130 Pro is stiff enough to handle the most adverse condition, but is coupled with an ultra easy to initiate walk mode.

10. Brooks-Range 12″ Ski Strap

These little ski straps are an absolute must for any backcountry skiing endeavor.  They serve as not only the best ski strap around, but also can be used to jerry-rig broken equipment, hold together a rescue sled, and more!


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