snowboarder LBS mt baker

 snowboarder LBS mt baker

Christian Regester – photos & words

Locals Qualifier – 01/16/12

Big day on the hill for riders in the 3-6-0!

It was the locals qualifying event, for the Legendary Mount Baker Slalom, of which 20 of the hoods 200 most committed snowboarders score.  Legends such as Tex Davenport and Temple Cummins could be seen unleashing the next crew of local rippers, stompingthe ground for the big daze, Feb. 10, 11, 12.

For some, the event may have been a side note to one of thebetter white-out pow days with 3”+ stashes of fun lovin’ for those in need, forothers, an annual sensei fest and an excuse to chill by the fire of the newRaven Hut.

Undeniably, a super sick day!!!

To see the results from all of the different divisions click here

LBS banked slalom

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