In the longstanding tradition of you versus me, side by side and the clock. The action runs all day, and only gets more heated as the sun goes down. Crankworx Day 2, Dual Slalom | Unofficial Networks

Crankworx Day 2, Dual Slalom

Crankworx Day 2, Dual Slalom


Crankworx Day 2, Dual Slalom



“Mitch Ropelato and Jill Kintner moved through all the rounds and onto the podium here at Whistler today. In the men’s final Ropelato went up against Mick Hannah and took both rounds, while Kintner took both rounds against last year’s winner Micayla Gatto. Kyle Strait took the bronze for the men, and Manon Carpenter for the women”. See the Full Article and lots of great Pictures HERE

Mens Top 3

1. Mitch Ropelato
2. Mick Hannah
3. Kyle Strait

Womens Top 3

1. Jill Kintner
2. Micayla Gatto
3. Manon Carpenter


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