Google+ Screenshot
Google+ All about you of course!
Google+ Screenshot
Google+ All about +You of course!

Can’t wait for a new way to show your friends how rad you got at your local hill earlier in the day?  A better way to update everyone about how stupid the guy in front of you in line is or where you’re getting your après-ski on?  A new social media outlet?  Well the Google powerhouse is in it to win for all you tech savvy folk.  While many of us are just beginning to adapt to the FaceSpace, whose constant updates keep one on their toes making things such as chat and our profiles more “convenient” for interacting with  our hundreds of cyber friends who you maybe met this one time at that one place, but probably wouldn’t recognize should you pass them walking down the street. Google has commenced it’s assault into the social networking front, currently developing Google+ (Google Plus).

World Crowned by Google
Google is king, Queen, Jester, and all between

As if they don’t already dominate our lives enough through YouTube, Android for our pocket computers (once referred to as telephones), Google Chrome, even a Google Operating system, and…oh yeah, the most efficient, widely used Search Engine known to man. They are now committed to changing the way we interact with our best most trusted cyber buddies. As they put it,

Real-life sharing rethought for the web.

Android toys
They even make toys! Android figurines ready to roll out

Below is a brief breakdown of the Google+ goods:

Circles – A brand new way to exclude that annoying tag along who is always like flies about a heaping pile of doo or that creepy stalker bro who incessantly insists on “poking” you and posting indecent remarks on your wall.

Hangouts – You no longer have to get in your car and drive to see your best bud, you can just hang out in cyber space and chat, and with the ability to see which crews are “hanging out” you can join whichever group you’d like and have yourself a little pity party. It’s just like the real thing, only not.  Your friends won’t really be there…you may as well be talking to a computer screen.  Oh wait, you are already doing just that.

Instant Upload – Wouldn’t it be great if every photo you ever took was instantaneously rocketed into cyber space? Well Google has you covered with their instant upload feature. Don’t worry though, you have the ability to choose who sees what pictures (until they teach the smart ads how to look at these photos and will begin an all too personal advertising campaign showing you ads of acne medication, bandages, sunglasses, or what ever it appears would make you a better you)

Sparks – Are your cyber friends letting you down?   No one online to have a detached conversation with? Sparks is there for you! Just like those annoying Facebook “smart” ads, sparks will be carefully analyzing every click, scroll, and keystroke to deduce just what you’re into and provide you with video, text, and photos based on your supposed interest.

Who needs friends when you have Google?

These are but a mere spattering of the services to be offered by Google+. In the coming months our lives will be revolutionized…again. Maybe we won’t even have to leave the comfort of our little secluded corners anymore, no more having to go outside, see the sun, the mountains, real life. There’s already much better photos of such things on the interweb anyway.

In the end, you will no doubt find me hanging out Google+, chatting away.  In fact I already turned in sent in my email to get a spot as a beta tester.  You can find out more for yourself at the Google+ homepage.

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