Skier: Brennan Lagasse Photo: Jeff Dostie (Alpenglow Sports, Tahoe City, CA)
Skier: Brennan Lagasse Photo: Jeff Dostie (Alpenglow Sports, Tahoe City, CA)

Alpine Meadows shredder Jeremy Benson recently wrote a piece for discussing the new non-motorized zone PNH is about to open to the public next year. This past March, our own backcountry guy Brennan Lagasse, along with his partner, Jeff Dostie, were the only two skiers to go skinning, climbing, and skiing in the zone.

Check out Brennan’s first report from up in Cordova.

Brennan will have more info/beta to share about the world-class opportunity on Unofficial in the fall. For now, check out Jeremy’s piece from

Photo by Court Leve of the late, great Kip Garre sending another one at PNH. photo:

Trips into PNH’s non-motorized zone will generally be guided and fully catered, although options for non-guided self-supported trips may also be available to qualified groups. Groups traveling into the non-motorized zone will still be fully supported and clients will be flown by helicopter to a drop near the zone’s boundary. Once in the zone, all travel will be human powered and touring between the yurts will be a possibility. There will also be an option for a day of backcountry touring with a single heli bump. “You get dropped off by the heli with the freedom to skin, climb, and ski whatever is speaking to you and your crew on that particular day,” says Lagasse.  –Full Article Here on

If you can’t wait till the fall for more beta email Jess and Kevin Quinn at, or drop Brennan a line at

If you’re into using a heli to either backcountry ski for the day, or spend a few nights out in the Chugach, climbing lines that have never seen an ascent, or skiing and riding descents that have yet to be skied, this is your ticket for 2011-2012!

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