tanner hall jamaica tv

tanner hall jamaica tv

Check out Tanner Hall’s interview on Television Jamaica here:  Tanner Hall/Jamaica.

Tanner Hall was interviewed on Jamaican TV recently. Why?  Because he loves reggae music and even has a reggae music record label called Inspired Records.

Ok Unofficial Dbag, I got my computer workin’ and I did get a chance to watch the whole thing now and he does sound good, well spoken, and coherent throughout. In the beginning, I was cringing after watching his initial body language and his opening responses.  He was looking like he was gonna be way too cool for school.  But then he straightened up, explained freeskiing well, and worked well with the hosts once they all loosened up.  It’s even funny a coupla times.

I definitely love his idea of putting in some skate parks and helping give Jamaican athletes a chance to rip it and train their way into the action sports industry.

There’s no doubting that Tanner is one of the best there ever was. His “image” has certainly been a subject of controversy over the years.  His wanna-be gangsta thing was just weird.  We like this reggae flow much more.  Tanner now is doing a lot off the snow.  He is a co-founder of Armada, owns a film company, as well as his record company.

How do you think he comes off in this interview?

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