“Dude, your pack came untied from the back of my sled and I accidentally sucked it up into the tunnel. Sorry.”- My friend I lent my Chugach Backpack to.

For most packs, this would be the end. Grinding your backcountry backpack up between your track and your tunnel should pretty much destroy it. Not the Chugach though. Despite being run over by a several hundred pound snowmobile this thing is still my go-to backcountry pack. Beside the skid mark it suffered in said incident, it’s functionally as good as new. The extra simple metal clips make strapping your skis or snowboard a quick, no hassle process. It’s the perfect size for the resort or backcountry day missions- you can easily fit your shovel, probe, skins, and a sandwich in there. It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t. If you’re looking for a no nonsense, no frills pack, look no further than the Chugach.

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