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Classic Clip: Eliel Hindert,This Kid Goes F*ing Huge

March 29th, 2014 by

Eliel Hindert can be described with two words: Bouncy Ball. He’s basically a 15 year old boy trapped in a 22yr old body. Eliel is the the most excited human you’ll ever meet and he’s always doing something, always moving (trust me people this is more than add). This is a video from Eliel’s 2009/2010 season. Filmed entirely by Dendrite Studios. It’s F*ing sick! The kid sends. 

Highlight of the video: 2:36 (into space)

eliel hindert

-Also if you haven’t seen Dendrite’s award winning movie Out of the Shadows I suggest you download the flick ASAP. It’s really cool because just like you and I the masterminds at Dendrite Studios are also starving ski bums and have thoughtfully made Out of the Shadows available online at a “pay what you want rate”. Cool eh! But if you’re feeling frisky, maybe you just won the lottery, or you have your dad’s credit card why not donate a little more…

How To: Poach a Hot Tub in a Ski Town

November 18th, 2013 by

Peep this video from the 72hr Filmmaker Showdown that took place during the World Ski & Snowboard Festival back in April. Film crews had 72 hours to shoot, edit and produce a three to five minute short film within a 100km radius of Whistler. Three rotations of the Earth on it’s axis makes for a mass creative frenzy  etc. etc… Check out Poached Earth (above) Winner of BEST IN SHOW. Enjoy.

Whistler Mountain OPENING Saturday

November 14th, 2012 by

Whistler Mountain is joining the party and will open this Saturday, which is five days ahead of schedule. Blackcomb Mountain is still scheduled to open next week on Thursday, 11/22. … Read More

Whistler Blackcomb: The Wonder Reels Trailer

August 28th, 2012 by
YouTube Preview Image

Whistler has released the trailer for the Wonder Reels, a seven part series filmed and edited by Switchback Entertainment and Sherpas Cinemas, that explores the mountain through the eyes of the people who make Whistler so awesome. With episode names like Snow, The Pass, The Deep,  and The Crossing this video series is pretty intriguing.

Episode 1: Snow, Screening: 10/2/12

Episode 2: The Pass, Screening: 10/30/12

Episode 3: The Stoke, Screening: 11/17/12

Episode 4: The Deep, Screening: 11/29/12

Episode 5: The Crossing, Screening: 12/12/12

Episode 6: The Burn, Screening: 1/8/13

Episode 7: The Launch, Screening: 2/5/13


There is also the “Map Your Wonders” contest going on where Whistler skiers/riders can post videos and photos about their favorite spots on the mountain and win weekly prizes.

From Whistler/Blackcomb:

“Wonder. Is it a place or a state of mind?
Are there places on the planet where wonder concentrates? Where it gathers, amasses, pools, comes in the night by the dumpload to bury yesterday’s tracks? Or is it just a state of mind, a way of looking, a filter through which you see the world, wherever you may be?

This season, we explore Whistler Blackcomb with a 7-episode video series taking us through the eyes of Whistler’s lore-keepers, the time-lapse artists and the athletes, the kids who grew up here, and the mechanics who keep the place running, in an effort to find out where wonder strikes.

These stories are pinned to the new Wonderground microsite -http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/wonder to share and to rediscover. These are the places where wonder has struck. Share your secrets. Find your way. Claim your place.


Produced by Whistler Blackcomb and Origin Design & Communications
Filmed & Edited by Switchback Entertainment and Sherpas Cinema

Ko Ko
“So Strange”
Courtesy Of Ryan Lawhon”



Secrets of a Beer Bin Girl

May 31st, 2012 by

  By -Magee Walker The Beer Bin Girls of Whistler’s finest underground clubs have always intrigued me. These ladies offer a killer combo: they are typically 1) super babes 2) … Read More

Contour Moments in Whistler With MSP (again) | This Time They’re Jumping

May 30th, 2012 by
YouTube Preview Image

Well the last MSP Contour Moments was not the final episode (as we thought) But this possibly is. Wait… probably not. MSP is in AK right now sessioning an even bigger jump. Anyway in this episode Russ Henshaw and Jacob Wester meet up with PK Hunder, Aidan Sheahan, and Richard Permin and learn to fly. Some cool action above epic backdrops and an outstanding Whislter Blackcomb sunset.

“This video provides a good tease of what you can expect to see from MSP in the fall when their 20th annual ski film releases” (NO SHIT)


Whistler Blackcomb by the Numbers | Season Financial Report

May 29th, 2012 by
3d progress bar on financial report

SOURCE Whistler Blackcomb   Reported financial results for the six months period ending March 31, 2012. -Whistler had an increases in all key metrics including: revenue, effective ticket price and … Read More

UBC Students Shred Harder than You | “We Went Skiing” Edit

May 23rd, 2012 by

Chances are if you attend the University of British Columbia and rip on skis you will have a magnetic effect on other snow sliding enthusiasts and most likely someone who wants to film you. Once together there’s no stopping snow slidery & cinematic genius.

Here’s a video from Leo Zukerman documenting five days in the BC backcountry with UBC Students Essex Prescott, Ian Brown, Taylor Martin, Garett Knochenmus, Peter Wojnar and non UBC Student (but all around bad ass) Shaun Keller Gillis.

Between coastal weather, variable snow conditions, avalanche danger, snow mobile accidents, unexpected nights in the mountains [Holy Shit, read that story] and my complete lack of experience, this project turned out to be quite a challenge.


 Locations: Whistler, The Rutherford, and Pemberton

Skiing & Biking A-Line | Duel POV

May 22nd, 2012 by

The Whistler Bike Park is now open. Get Ready to Ride A-Line

Last year Unofficial Whistler reporter Mason Mashon and friend Steven Matthews blasted off a quick top to bottom on A-line. Seven months later the brothers Cohn of Unofficial Whistler decided to do the same. This video shows the POV of both parties as they do a top to bottom A-Line run. Whistler Mountain.

whistler blackcomb, ski, bike, aline

To see the original bike video check out Mason’s post, A Quick Run Down A-Line. And for the full screen version of skiing see the video below.

Whistler Bike Park is Open

May 21st, 2012 by

I know we’re a little late but Unofficial Whistler doesn’t have a bike contributer [still looking]. This doesn’t stop the fact the Whistler Bike Park officially opened on Friday. Here are some pictures taken … Read More