If You Don’t Have The Time or Money To Go To Japan Next Season DO NOT Watch This Video.

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Will Martin scores epic powder in Niesko, Japan.

January 2013 in Hakuba Japan | All I Can’t Productions

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Thanks to Antti Ruohonen, Molski Pictures and All I Can’t Productions for putting together this video from the second half of January in Hakuba, Japan.  This edit features awesome ski movie parodies, copious amounts of slow mo action, car chases, and deep powder skiing. At 12 minutes, it is a long one, but worth watching through for the hilarious spoofs and endless POV shots. Enjoy.


Deep Japanese Powder Skiing!

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I suppose it’s better to be trapped in a gondola during a gale than on a chairlift in one.  If this occurrence aligns with crotchal-area-deep powder, that doesn’t hurt either.

Japan has been stormy this January.  Lets be honest, it’s stormy every January.  It’s clockwork.  Storms just don’t matter here.  A frigid NW wind comes over of Siberia, picks up moisture off the warm Sea of Japan, and collides with the 10,000-foot Japanese Alps that happen to be right on the beach.  That combination adds up to snow most everyday of January and February.

…A divine wind you might say?  

The Mongol fleet destroyed in a typhoon, ink and water on paper, by Kikuchi Yōsai, 1847

The above video is from Hakuba, Japan on January 25th, 2013.

VIDEO: Avalanche in Hakuba, Japan Yesterday

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From a local source in Hakuba, we have learned this about this avalanche yesterday:

- This avalanche occurred within a permanent closure at Goryu ski resort

- This terrain is accessed from a chairlift

- This avalanche occurred in a zone that is a major terrain trap where 5 gullies come together into one large gully that then ends in a 45 degree wall

- Last year a Japanese man was killed by an avalanche in the same zone that buried him 5 meters+ (16ft +) under snow

- This avalanche was caused by someone skiing above the skier in the video

January in Japan = Like Living in a Ski Movie…

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People don’t miss home here.  They don’t talk about home.

It snows everyday here and that’s enough to keep people from even thinking about home.

It wasn’t suppose to snow last night, so of course, it did.  In fact, it hasn’t been forecasted to snow at all this week and it’s been nothing but snow.

The South Shore of Happo-One ski resort

A foot plus of clean, dry powder made the South Shore of Happo-One a playground today.  That good snow combined with sun and no wind made for a special combination that doesn’t come around often in this zone in January.

The South Shore of Happo-One today

Yep, you should come to Japan and ski as soon as you can.  It’s assuredly a snow phenomenon that you won’t dislike.

Will Wyman sampling the goods today at Happo-One, Japan

So, what would it be like to live in a ski movie?  The answer would be different for everyone except for one factor.  There’d be powder everyday and that’s just what you get here in Japan in January.

Creek crossing are always interesting here


local powder transport

the AK Burger of Hakuba, Japan is relatively serious


Skier Tries to Kill Cameraman @ Hakuba, Cortina Japan Today | VIDEO

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This guy attempts murder at 0:18


- 30cms of new snow reported

- Reality was much deeper

- Face-shots nearly every turn

- Very cold temps

- Light wind and light to moderate snow throughout the day

- Simply dreamboat dry powder

- It’s still snowing right now

Tommy from Finland at Cortina today.  photo:  Vile Hatakka


- Front side of chair 4

- Back side of chair 4

- Front side of chair 5

- Back side of chair 5

- Basically all the tree skiing was all-time

The international language of cartoon


- Hideously, dangerously empty

- Still ripping deep fresh untouched snow at 3pm

- Especially after 12:00pm, the place was ghost town.  The cold temps sent people in for lunch and they didn’t make it back out

Willie feeing the crowds and Japanese hydro architecture


- Today was a classic, spectacular, top 10 lifetime, powder day

- No crazy hucking or high speed insanity, just pure buckets of snow to the face, deep dry powder skiing


NOTE: last night, the forecast was for 2cms…


buckets of snow to the face does this


It’s still snowing right now

Happy trees @ Cortina Japan

Curious about Japan?  Check out UnofficialJapan.com to learn more.

Hakuba, Japan Yesterday = Deep Snow, No Crowds | Photo Tour

January 17th, 2013 by
Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 1.51.05 PM

  HAPPO-ONE (in Hakuba) CONDITIONS TODAY: – Deep powder (1-2 feet deep/30 – 60cms) – Light powder up high, denser down low – Great pillows in the trees – High … Read More

The Cat Skiing Today in Niseko, Japan Was Way Deeper Than Anything You Skied.

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The ozsnowbum sent us in this video shot today in Niseko, Japan.

If this video makes you question every life decision you have ever made, you’er not alone.

YES. It’s A DCP Mini-Movie | DCP Recut

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YES Snowboards has released a DCP Recut from their team video, YES It’s a Movie Too.  The Chicoutimi, Quebec native DCP (David Carrier-Porchern) shows his ability to cruise down big mountain spinewalls with ease and shred powder fields like it is his job. DCP is a co-founder of YES Snowboards.

From YES Snowboard TV:

“YES. It’s DCP. Here’s all his pow slaying, freestyle, and big mountain riding from AK, Japan, Chile and Whistler. Cut, recut and added to from YES. It’s a Movie Too. Thanks for watching!”

Avalanches, Whirly Twirlies, and Pow | Jake Cohn 2012 Season Edit

November 5th, 2012 by

Though last winter was a total flop?  Jake Cohn didn’t.  Watch as he finds the goods and makes the most out of a season that was less than ideal for everywhere but Alaska (and apparently Japan based on how deep some of this footage is).  Shot on location in Japan and the Whistler backcountry.