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Skiing Japan

7 Places You Need to Ski Before You Die

1. Chamonix, France – European Ski culture at its finest: One minute your walking the streets of an old European village, sipping on an espresso, the next minute your staring … Read More

Green Ski Run

OK, This Is Pretty Funny…

Beginner Slope Blue Square Black Diamond Double Black Diamond via:

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Classic Post: Crazy Landslide in Switzerland | Entire Mountainside Collapses | You Gotta Watch This Video!

This is straight nuts. Think avalanches are bad? Check out this natural disaster in Preonzo, Switzerland. An entire mountainside collapses itself. The landslide was estimated at 300,000 cubic meters. A … Read More

mont fort tram

The 10 BEST Ski Lifts in the WORLD

#1 AIGUILLE DU MIDI – Chamonix, France – Built in 1955, held title as highest cable car on Earth for 20 years – Carries 65 passengers – Highest vertical ascent … Read More


Classic Post: World’s Best (and worst) Ski and Snowboard Tattoos

This guy has got a rad tattoo to show his support for the ski club, but by the looks of it he’s been missing some of the trips to the slopes. This … Read More

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The 6 Best Ski & Snowboard Resorts in Korea

Here is a look at the 6 best ski and snowboard resorts in Korea. Hopefully we will soon be able to add North Korea’s new ski resort once it’s completed. … Read More

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Just Some Extremely Dangerous/Awesome Rafting From a Bunch of Crazy Russians

Just Some Extremely Dangerous/Awesome Rafting From a Bunch of Crazy Russians User Submitted Link Name : Matthias Fostvedt Link : Summary : Just some extremely dangerous/awesome rafting from a … Read More

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Skiing in Sarajevo? Yep… Skiing in Sarajevo – The Price For A Run = 40 cents

Flatlight Films brings us this look at skiing in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Capital of Sarajevo.  In 1992-1996 Sarajevo was a battlefield in the Bosnian War which was the most destructive conflict … Read More

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Classic Post: Collapse Video Of A Glacier The Size Of A City | You’re Going To Find This Hard To Believe

On May 28, 2008, Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland. The calving event lasted for 75 minutes and the … Read More

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Classic Warren Miller: Mattress Tobogganing | They don’t make ski flicks like this anymore.

Warren Miller Ski Country 1984 – Mattress Tobogganing They don’t make ski flicks like this anymore.  Mattress Tobogganing in the early 1980′s courtesy of Warren Miller’s 1984 ski film classic.

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Classic Post: If This Edit Doesn’t Make You Smile, You Have No Soul.

Real Skifi Episode 8 from Janne Korpela on Vimeo. Real Skifi Episode 8 from Janne Korpela New season and new jibs! What is Real Skifi? 1. A bunch of finnish adolescents … Read More

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Police Called As 40+ Eagles Swarm Truck Outside A Safeway In Alaska

Bald eagles swarm truck outside a Safeway in Alaska Read more on this story here – Police Break Up Eagle Party at Safeway 

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There Is A Problem Facing Ski Areas Across The US, and It’s Not Global Warming.

An Important PSA From Downhill Threads from Downhill Threads on Vimeo. There is a problem facing ski areas across the US, and it’s not global warming. Some think it’s worse. … Read More

Cody Peak at Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Classic Post: The 10 Longest Vertical Drops in North America

The Top 10 Longest Vertical Drops at Ski Resorts in North America. Video of the action at each location…and one famous video of absolute HORROR that was filmed at one of the locations…

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Classic Post: What It’s Like To Go Off the World’s Largest Ski Jump

POV video clip from Vikersundbakken, the largest ski jump hill in the world. Other Ski Jump Clips: World Record Ski Jump VIDEO – 809 FEET Today Witnessed The Worst Professional Ski Jump Attempt Ever … The Gnarliest Ski … Read More

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Classic Post: Porcupine Attacks Skier at Alta

Porcupine Attacks Skier at Alta Next time you see a Porcupine at Alta RUN! Porcupines = loathsome little buggers. 

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Classic Post: Two Skiers Get Into Fistfight Over Whose Dad Is Richer

Video from  Title:   Fight At COP Uploader:   TaySwift$ Description:   *EXPLICIT LANGUAGE: Two Unnamed skiers get into a physical altercation after snowballs were thrown. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO Location:   COP Playtime:   00:01:27 Uploaded On:   Mar 24th … Read More

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Where is The Middle of Nowhere?

Vizual Statistix brings us this map showing where nowhere really is.   We often claim to be in the middle of nowhere, but pinpointing the location of nowhere is easier said … Read More

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Classic Post: Little Lego Man Goes Freeskiing | Best Lego Ski Edit EVER!

Lego Freeskiing: Deep Pow Cat skiing and back-country booter sessions in lego form…

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Watch: Timeline Of The Rise And Fall of New England Ski Resorts

New England Aerial Lift Served Ski Areas, 1930s-2000s Timeline Provided by The Cost of Skiing in New England Over The Years In 1960 a lift ticket to Stowe cost $6.50 … Read More

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Classic Post: Moose Chases Skier At Sugarbush, VT

Skier runs for his life from a moose.   On Monday, we brought you a video of a skier getting attacked by a Porcupine at Alta (Porcupine Attacks Skier at … Read More

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Checkout This Badass LEGO Chairlift

The Ochsengipfel Express detachable chairlift has entered service. —–TECHNICAL SPECS—– Length: 330 cm (10.8 ft) Support towers: 4, highest 48 cm (19 in) Interval/spacing: 12 seconds (8 chairs) / 121.9 … Read More

Skier Punches Snowboarder

Skier Dad Punches Snowboarder | Mountain Rage Video

This video, #1 Skier Dad, is a fine example of mountain rage. On a perfect sunny day up on Blackcomb mountain, some of the FT crew were faced with a … Read More

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Classic Post: How To Pass A Car In A Subaru

How To Pass A Car In A Subaru

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Classic Video: Monster Avalanche with 6 FOOT Crown

Saying that it’s sensitive out there is an understatement. Many locations’ snowpacks, particularly those with  some early season snow followed by prolonged dry periods, are downright scary. This video from … Read More

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The Ridiculous Truths of The US-Canada Border

Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders How ridiculous can it be, right?