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WARNING: If You Are Prone to Jealousy DO NOT WATCH THIS!

February in Hokkaido Austin Barta skiing Japan with SASS Global Travel.


Unofficial List: Top 5 Ski Areas In Japan

Asahidake Ski Resort The Asahidake ski resort is smokin’. No literally, the resort sits on an active volcano with lots of fumaroles emitting steam and gas. Asahidake, located on Japan’s north … Read More

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Bet You Wish You Were This Guy Right About Now…..

Mt. Niseko In Japan Lets all pack our bags and move to Japan….

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Myokoing: Undiscovered Skiing in Japan (BUT Shh, Don’t Tell Anyone)

Myokoing: Undiscovered Skiing in Japan “The Ski Channel introduces Myokoing, a short film documenting a group of professional skiers who have discovered a hidden gem in one of skiing’s most-hyped … Read More

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Get Stoked For Winter: Nimbus Japanese Remix

SkiRotica – Pep & Andy Nimbus Japanese Remix Nimbus Independent’s Remix of their Japanese footage from last season.

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Hakuba By Dubsatch Collective | “This place is exactly what you dream about”

Follow Dubsatch as they ski the deep powder and big lines of the Japanese Alps. Location: Hakuba, Nagano, Japan Filmed by: Nate Cahoon Edited by: Nate Cahoon, Sam Cohen Photography: … Read More

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Get Stoked For Winter: Super Deep Edit From Japan

Niseko Chopsticks – Freeride Super Deep Edit From Japan

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Need to Cool Off? Glorious Powder Video from Japan

All You Can Eat Niseko by Japan Ski Experience  A few Hokkaido highlights from the 2011/12 winter season in Japan to help ease powder withdrawals as we look forward to 2012/13. … Read More

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Japan’s Record Snowfall is Downright Nuts! – You Got To See This Video

BBC News – Record snowfall in northern Japan. Northern Japan usually has a high snow fall but this year’s has broken all records.

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RANDOM JAPAN by Will Wesson

RANDOM JAPAN by Will Wesson Traveling Circus Gopro Extras from Japan!

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14-Yr Old Pipe Wonder, Ayumu Hirano Must Be A Descendant of Some Great & Powerful Shogun

An unfortunate flu is keeping 14-year-old Ayumu Hirano from X Games Tignes. Here’s a look at the season highlights of one of snowboarding’s fastest-rising stars.

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2013 Japan Highlight Ski Reel

2013 Japan Highlight Ski Reel | Dangerously Deep Snow Footage from this season in Japan.

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Fun Edit From Niseko, Japan

NISEKO 2013 from Tim Craig Niseko Jan/Feb 2013

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10 Days in Japan With Chris Booth and Friends

10 Days in Japan With Chris Booth and Friends from One Hit Wonder Event Chris Booth, Luke Kneller and Tim Myers went to Japan for 2 weeks. They put camera’s on … Read More

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What $887K Will Buy You In Hokkaido, Japan

For Sale: $887,000 This Japanese Ski Chalet is located just 300 yards from Moiwa Ski Area on Japan’s Northern most island of Hokkaido. Hokkaido is one of the snowiest places … Read More

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LINE Traveling Circus 5.5 The Last Skiurai

LINE Traveling Circus 5.5 The Last Skiurai Konichiwa! The TC Crew heads to the land of pow, sushi, robots, more sushi, more pow, super-fast trains, sumo wrestling and the rising … Read More


How Much Does It Snow In Japan?

How much does it snow in japan? Well, this much. Image: Image:

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Why You Should Quit Your Job And Move To Japan

50th Powder Day of the Season! The Japanese Ski area of Nozawa Onsen had it’s 50th powder day of the season today. How many powder days have you had this … Read More

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January 2013 in Hakuba Japan | All I Can’t Productions

  Thanks to Antti Ruohonen, Molski Pictures and All I Can’t Productions for putting together this video from the second half of January in Hakuba, Japan.  This edit features awesome ski … Read More

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Deep Pow & Long Sick Lines in Hakuba, Japan

It’s Not too late to jump on a flight, book a room at the Hakuba Powder Lodging and get some Japanese Powder. We promise that it will be one decision you … Read More

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Deep Japanese Powder Skiing!

I suppose it’s better to be trapped in a gondola during a gale than on a chairlift in one.  If this occurrence aligns with crotchal-area-deep powder, that doesn’t hurt either. … Read More

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January in Japan = Like Living in a Ski Movie…

People don’t miss home here.  They don’t talk about home. It snows everyday here and that’s enough to keep people from even thinking about home. It wasn’t suppose to snow … Read More

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Skier Tries to Kill Cameraman @ Hakuba, Cortina Japan Today | VIDEO

This guy attempts murder at 0:18 HAKUBA CORTINA CONDITIONS TODAY: – 30cms of new snow reported – Reality was much deeper – Face-shots nearly every turn – Very cold temps … Read More

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Hakuba, Japan Yesterday = Deep Snow, No Crowds | Photo Tour

  HAPPO-ONE (in Hakuba) CONDITIONS TODAY: – Deep powder (1-2 feet deep/30 – 60cms) – Light powder up high, denser down low – Great pillows in the trees – High … Read More

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Japow in Hakuba | Hakuba Powder Lodging

Hakuba Powder Lodging’s new employee, Matthias Weichselbaumer, getting some japow in Hakuba. It’s not too late to book a last minute trip to Japan and ski some deep japow with … Read More

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The Cat Skiing Today in Niseko, Japan Was Way Deeper Than Anything You Skied.

The ozsnowbum sent us in this video shot today in Niseko, Japan. If this video makes you question every life decision you have ever made, you’er not alone.