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Top 10 Place To Ski This Summer In South America

#1. Las Leñas, Argentina website: The ski resort of Las Leñas, Argentina is a whopping 40,000 acres. To put that in prospective the largest ski resort in North America, Whistler … Read More

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WARNING: This Video Might Make You Pack Your Bags And Head To Chile For The Summer

With the North American ski season winding down you might want to start thinking about heading south for some summertime skiing in South America. Riders: Matt Wainhouse, Ian Wood, Sebastian … Read More

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Julian Donatelli | Photographers Favorites | Bariloche, Argentina Photo Gallery

Lake Nahuel Haupi and Lago Moreno este.  Bariloche, Argentina. Julian Donatelli is a local professional photographer in Bariloche, Argentina who was nice enough to share these photos with Unofficial.  His … Read More


Largest Avalanche Ever – 20,000 Killed

On 31 May 1970, an earthquake off the coast of Peru caused a substantial section of the north slope of Mt. Huascaran to collapse. [Situated in the Cordillera Blanca, the world’s … Read More

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Will Wesson’s South American Adventure

Will’s Team Page: Will headed south this summer to coach at Evolve Chile for a week. After camp, he bussed over to Argentina just in time to break his tooth, … Read More

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Highlights from the 2013 Season in Las Leñas, Argentina

Highlights from the 2013 Season in Las Leñas, Argentina Riders: Jordi Tenas, Adria Millan, Adria Perez de Rozas, Alejo Sanchez, Txema Trull Location: Las Leñas, Argentina Editing: Adrià Millan Filming: … Read More

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Video Tribute to Jordi Tenas R.I.P.

Video Tribute to Jordi Tenas R.I.P. Related: Spanish Freeskier Killed By Avalanche In Las Leñas, Argentina

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Las Leñas, Argentina CLOSED for the Season

After a lackluster ski season Las Leñas, Argentina is the first major ski resort in South America to close up shop for 2013. The closer comes three weeks ahead of … Read More

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Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina

  Report and Images From Willi Brooks   It’s spring in the Andes and the snow is melting fast. Leñas is looking extremely bare down low however the high peaks are … Read More

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Valle Nevado Presenta … Miniaturas

Valle Nevado presenta … miniaturas Tilt Shift timelapse effect made from more than 30,000 pictures from a day in Valle Nevado, Chile


Unofficial Report: Las Leñas, Argentina

Update by, Willi Brooks and Daniel Haber August 28, 2013 Las Leñas had been expecting a dump this past weekend but the storm totally no showed.  We’re now going on … Read More

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The World’s First 5 Star Heli-Ski Lodge | Puma Lodge, Chile

The Puma Lodge, located outside of Santiago, Chile is the world’s first 5 star Heli-Ski Lodge. Opened at the start of the 2011 South American ski season this dedicated Heli-ski lodge is unlike … Read More


Unofficial Report From Las Leñas, Argentina

skier: Moritz Morlok | photo: Dan Haver Report by, Daniel A Haber Storm expected this weekend.  No telling what it will bring.  In the meantime winds have been down and … Read More

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Classic Post: Golden Eagles Dragging Mountain Goats Off Cliffs is CRAZY

Golden Eagles have been hunting Mountain Goats, pulling them off mountain sides to their deaths.  Here is some stunning video of these Golden Eagles at work. 


Classic Warren Miller Clip From Portillo, Chile

Classic Warren Miller clip from Portillo, Chile. Clip from Warrne Miller Film Journey.

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Eye of the Condor Entry From 4bi9

Sony Eye Of The Condor 3 – 4bi9 Media from Skiers: LJ Strenio Karl Fostvedt Luka Melloni Pako Benguerel Film & Edit: Mike McLeod Photos: Jeremy Lato


Marte Madness – More Stoke From Las Leñas, Argentina

South wall, Las Leñas, Argentina 13.8.2013 from Eike Poeppi  “Warm temps in the valley and powerful sun causing a melt freeze cycle on low elevation and north facing stuff, which are … Read More

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Here Is What You Have Been Missing in Las Leñas, Argentina

August Pow in Las Leñas from Matthias Weichselbaumer  Finally, after a terrible july the snow came to Las Leñas and gave us an awsome day of laping the Marte chair!


Las Leñas Marte Chair Opens with 8 Feet Of New Snow | Unofficial Report

Location: Las Leñas, Argentina Report by, Willi Brooks Las Leñas is known for the Marte chair. It’s like heli skiing via chairlift.  Two days after a major storm dumped 3 … Read More

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Update From Eye of the Condor – La Parva, Chile

Luke Van Valin and Mike Reff check in from Sony Eye of the Condor 3 at La Parva, Chile.

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Patrollers Reporting 7-10 FEET of New Snow in Las Leñas

Report by, Daniel Haber After almost a month of no snow and summer temps, Leñas was looking pretty grim, rumors circulating that the resort would close for the season if they … Read More


Freeride World Qualifier Season Begins in Chile

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (August 7, 2013)- Although summer temperatures are still blazing in North America, South America is deep in the frozen grasp of winter. Solid snowpack and a … Read More


Massive Snowstorm Hits Las Leñas, Argentina

A massive snowstorm as rolled into Las Leñas, Argentina dropping more than 2 feet of snow at the base. No one knows how much snow has fallen up top or … Read More

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The Legend of the South American Santa Rosa Storm | Myth vs. Reality

The Santa Rosa is a Legendary Storm that hits the Andes mountain range every year and leaves so much snow that people generally don’t even survive to count it all. … Read More

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This Is What Valle Nevado, Chile Looks Like After 2 Feet Of Snow!

 Valle Nevado, Chile received 60cm ( about 2 feet) of new snow last week followed by clear skies on the 21st. 


Here Is What You Could Be Skiing @ Portillo, Chile

Portillo Powder – July 21st Portillo Ski instructor, Andrew Rumph, show you what you could be skiing if you where in Chile right now.