VIDEO: World's First Snowboarding Hardshell Boot for Splitboarding


VIDEO: World's First Snowboarding Hardshell Boot for Splitboarding


VIDEO: World's First Snowboarding Hardshell Boot for Splitboarding

“One kilo on your foot is like five kilos on your backpack.”-Pierre Gignoux

I like the idea of an ultra light hardshell boot for snowboard mountaineering but with a price tag of €1,500 or $1607 USD, The Black by French designer Pierre Gignoux isn’t for your casual backcountry snowboarding enthusiast. Let’s hope these gain popularity in Europe and production costs come down allowing for a better price point:

“Black is a versatile version of the Race 400. With a weight just above the 400 Race (600g at 27) it is suitable to use in competition as well as a practical mountain or leisure. High performance uphill and downhill, she has more than 400 breed a sealing sleeve that helps keep feet dry all day. Black benefits from the experience accumulated over the XP500 via the XP444 and Race 400 in terms of comfort, reliability and skiability. It has a durable sole, a sealing sheath, a tightening of the ergonomic collar, and a slipper hot thermo formable.”

Main Features
• Low shell necklace and fiber high strength aerospace grade carbon
• New issue as a morphological study of the foot for a good wrap
• internal lacing for better support and precision downhill
• thermoformable liner
• Sole molded highly resistant to abrasion
• very large clearance collar
• large front and torsion rigidity indicating good behavior downhill

Weight: 600g with slipper 280
Price: € 1,500 VAT

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