Why You Should NEVER Take Your Snowboard Off In Steep Terrain


*action starts around 2:45

Why You Should NEVER Take Your Snowboard Off In Steep Terrain

Soren Arnevik: I started at the top of the ridge for the first time on Slushmans at Bridger Bowl with my Gopro recording. Snow was great but it was a pretty intense slope for my novice skills in that terrain. I came up on some rocks that I knew I couldn’t get around so I thought if I took off my board to walk around it would be smart… My board started to slip away and as I frantically grabbed for it I started to fall, uncontrollably down the rocky slopes. Spinning, I turned around to look behind me and got shot off a cliff, Gopro doesn’t do it justice. The camera falls off my head as I continue another few hundred feet down the cliff. A ski patrol, Phil, finds it and puts it in his pocket as it’s still recording. He comes across me and it records his conversation with me on the scene. I had a laceration of 6-8 in. across my head and down to my brain (and a unknown broken neck at the time). More medics came as they loaded me on the stretcher and skied me to a snowmobile that took me down the hill. Falling around 500 ft I ended up breaking my C3 (Cervical 3) on my neck, luckily missing my nerve connected to my diaphragm that could’ve stopped my breathing. Also came out with no brain damage, which is a miracle, as my brain was exposed (wasn’t wearing a helmet, fucking dingus). Thankful I’ll be alright in the long run, its unreal I am the way I am.


A little more spring in this tramp than the one you had growing up in your backyard.  Watch some sweet tricks done by EuroTramp Team. (…)


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