Construction is Under Way On 2 New Lifts At Whistler: New Crystal, New Harmony

Construction is Under Way For 2 New Lifts @ Whistler: New Crystal, New Harmony

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Chairlift 1: Harmony High-speed Six-pack

Whistler Blackcomb’s Harmony high-speed, quad chairlift will be replaced with an all new Doppelmayr high-speed, detachable, six-pack. The new chair will have the same alignment as the current Harmony quad; spanning 1,729 meters (5,672 feet) in length, with a vertical rise of 525 meters (1,722 feet). The upgrade will dramatically improve the uphill capacity by 50 percent, going from 2,400 skiers per hour to 3,600. The Harmony Six will service terrain spanning from the edge of the Symphony Amphitheatre all the way over to Glacier Bowl.

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Chairlift 2: All New Crystal Zone High-speed Quad

Whistiler Blackcomb’s Crystal Zone will see an all new high-speed quad that will deliver skiers and riders to the same location as the current triple chair. The alinement of this new quad will eliminate the need to utilize the Excelerator Chair to access many Crystal Zone trails including Ridge Runner, Rock ‘N’ Roll, and gladed trails like Outer Limits. The new chair will also make it even quicker to return to the Glacier Express chair to access Horstman Glacier, Blackcomb Glacier and Spanky’s. The name of this new chairlift will be determined through a competition to be announced by Whistler Blackcomb later this winter.