January in Japan = Like Living in a Ski Movie...

People don’t miss home here.  They don’t talk about home.

It snows everyday here and that’s enough to keep people from even thinking about home.

It wasn’t suppose to snow last night, so of course, it did.  In fact, it hasn’t been forecasted to snow at all this week and it’s been nothing but snow.

The South Shore of Happo-One ski resort

A foot plus of clean, dry powder made the South Shore of Happo-One a playground today.  That good snow combined with sun and no wind made for a special combination that doesn’t come around often in this zone in January.

The South Shore of Happo-One today

Yep, you should come to Japan and ski as soon as you can.  It’s assuredly a snow phenomenon that you won’t dislike.

Will Wyman sampling the goods today at Happo-One, Japan

So, what would it be like to live in a ski movie?  The answer would be different for everyone except for one factor.  There’d be powder everyday and that’s just what you get here in Japan in January.

Creek crossing are always interesting here


local powder transport

the AK Burger of Hakuba, Japan is relatively serious


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