Gavin Smith is getting to be quite the regular here on Unofficial and that is by no luck.



Gavin Smiths December 2012 Edit

Gavin Smith is getting to be quite the regular here on Unofficial and that is by no luck.  Gavin continues to blow our minds here at UnofficialSnowbird for always pushing the limits of what we think can be done.

Some of the lines crushed include: Jaws, Diagonal Chute Cliffs, High Speed Double, Straigtlines in the Silverfox Bush Cliffs, Straigtline into Daltons and turning the Hanging Bowl Double into a SINGLE!  There are many more lines I have witnessed Gavin crushing on a near daily basis at The Bird too.


      • YOU are a gaper

        Do you seriously believe yourself? ^ hucking a cliff and rolling down windows due to a lack of balance and pitch controll upon takeoff is just as cool as having a quiet upper body and perfec ski pitch to slope upon landing.

  • EEY

    kyler your such a shitty skier how do you witness him crushing lines. Gavin is a douche and in no way should represent the core skiers of snowbird

    • Kyler Roush

      EEY, you never have had a positive thing to say about anything. I am sorry your life sucks that much.

      • Gentile Sodomite

        Kyler, I’m sorry your life sucks so much that you have to follow around other skiers and glom on to them so that you can make yourself feel important.

  • Hmm.

    Looks like decent skier. but you guys at snowbird get boners over not too much. it would be way more impressive to see someone do some tricks and not hit the same line the rest of you chads have already hit. Just cuz someone can ski the regular lines there doesnt make them “good”. Step it up yall!

    • EEY

      agree, but this fuck doesn’t reflect a snowbird skier in any form. Oakley white allen, johnny collision, samo cohen, ben wheeler those are snowbird skiers

      • Daryn

        Hey man,

        I am not sure who you since you don’t post under your real name. I have only been at Snowbird for the last 12 seasons so I guess I am still a new guy, but I think Gavin is a great skier who has all the skills to be as good as the other guys you listed. He is only 20 years old and has only been at the Bird for a few year.

        I think the guys you listed would agree that he is a great skier and a solid guy. Not sure what they would say about you, since you are the type of guy who talks trash about people and wont even use your real name. Come say hi sometime up at the hill and you can show me how good you are…

  • labrat

    How did he ski sitting down like that ?! AMAZING EDIT
    some one want to give me directions to snowbird so i can try that too ?

  • carl

    for a second i thought they were using slow motion to try to jazz it up, but then i realized that was just regular speed…

  • randombeater

    I would like to see everyone on here talking shit follow around Gavin for a day and try to keep up. He hits more big airs in one day than most of you punks will hit all season or in your whole life. ohhhhhhahhahhhhh damnnnnn.

    • frenchfry

      Any joker can ski off a cliff it all comes down to what you do in the air after leaving the ground
      after seeing this video the snowbird skiers need to redeem themselves with a righteous edit cuz..
      stabbin gavin makes yall look bad!

    • Utahrds

      If 10 footers are your definition of “big airs” then yeah this kid hits a lot of them in a day. Silly ass LCC skiers.

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