Farmers Almanac's Winter Weather Prediction, Forecast, Outlook, for the 2013 Winter Ski Season. Snow and Cold in the forecast?



Farmers Almanac Winter Weather Outlook for 2013 | Canada

Farmers Almanac Winter Weather Outlook for 2013 | Canada

The Old Farmers Almanac has just released their winter prediction for Canada’s 2013 winter weather. Will the 2013 winter be a solid ski season? Will Canada be cold and filled with snow this winter? Well, here is what the almanac had to say about Canada’s upcoming winter. 

After a year of unprecedented warmth, the great debate over whether or not Old Man Winter will return with a vengeance is on.

Last winter much of Canada experienced yet another unseasonably warm season. Some locations in far northern Canada saw temperatures approaching an incredible 10° C above normal. This summer has also been a hot one with some areas experience less than normal rainfall.

Fortunately, the new 2013 Canadian Farmers’ Almanac hits store shelves this month and promises on its cover to answer whether or not the warm, dry trend will continue, or if winter will stage a comeback.

According to this favored long-range weather publication, winter will return to some – but not all – areas.
It will be a “winter of contraries” shares editor Peter Geiger, Philom, adding, “It’s like Old Man Winter is cutting the country in half. The eastern half of Canada will see plenty of cold and snow. The western half will experience relatively warm and dry conditions.”

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