Silverton, Colorado | Heli Drops and Powder Skiing

Silverton, Colorado | Heli Drops and Powder Skiing


Silverton, Colorado | Heli Drops and Powder Skiing

I was fortunate enough to get invited along on a trip with some cool fellas to Silverton, Colorado two weeks ago. The skiing in Silverton is fully legit and the snow conditions were better than what we had going on in Utah at the time. We did two days of guided skiing and paid for three heli drops. I would recommend heading down to Silverton to anyone who is stuck in a place where it is not snowing this season.

The guided skiing was pretty good. We got to poke around on some steep terrain in the trees, but the snowpack was still fairly thin which limited some of our options. Our guide Jeremy Yanko was the absolute man.  In the future however, I will go later in the season when you can go un-guided just to get more runs in a day. I think a strong skier with basic backcountry knowledge would have no problem staying safe at Silverton during the un-guided season.

The really sick part of this trip was flying around in a helicopter. You can add heli drops for about $150 per drop and they are worth every penny. The Silverton Mountain Guides bird is brand new and their pilot gives you a hell of a good ride to the top of the surrounding peaks and ridges. Flying over huge peaks sideways at over 100 MPH is something I would like to do a lot more of in the near future, plus it beats the sh!t out of hiking. Check out their website if you want to make a cool trip happen.


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