2022 Olympics In Lake Tahoe: Nevada Agrees With California To Make Bid



The Huffington Post brings us this story on Nevada and California’s bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in Tahoe.

huffingtonpost.com LAS VEGAS — Nevada has agreed with officials in California to make a run at hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics at Lake Tahoe, in hopes of bringing the games back to an area where they were held in 1960, Nevada Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki said Wednesday.

If successful, the games would return to the United States for the first time since Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002. Squaw Valley, a resort on the California side of Lake Tahoe, hosted the Winter games in 1960.

Krolicki told Nevada tourism leaders in Las Vegas on Wednesday that the Reno-Tahoe Winter Games Coalition has a memorandum of understanding with California leaders to try to convince the U.S. Olympic Committee to back their bid and take it to the International Olympic Committee.

“It’s transformed from really this hope and dream and inspiration to something that’s become very tangible,” Krolicki said. “It’s now a scaled up business and scaling up, and (there are) things that we need to do.”

You can read the rest of the article at huffingtonpost.com

  • Travis Ganong

    The minimum vertical drop for a mens World Cup Downhill is 2,560 vertical feet as stated on the FIS website, and Squaw could have a kick ass downhill. They could legitimately start a DH off of the Palisades like the last Olympics, but go the other direction, dropping off the Kitchen Wall into Sun bowl. Then they could have some super hard fall away traverse turns all the way over to the top of the C2 lift. Then they could have a big jump kind of like the cool one in Wengen Switzerland through the rocks just down the ridge from the top terminal of C2 that would drop you into C2 bowl (where they groom it). From there you would have steep big turns down that, across the little flat, a jump by the cornice right nest to Adrenaline Rock, and a big 90 degree turn following that groomed trail exiting the Bullet. Then one last steep section that would go onto the mountain run, followed by a jump off the mountain run itself under the c2 chair, then ski under headwall chair onto the flat. Here is where it gets flat, but you also have a lot of room so you could get creative and build up terrain, side hill jumps, and difficult fast gliding turns, with the finish jump over the bridge by the cushings old house and the finish on the shores of lake cushing!

    This would be an amazing Olympic and World Cup caliber DH. I’ve raced Kitzbuhel, Wengen, Bormio, all the classics and this would be right there with the best. The total vertical would be 2,752 which is within the legal range. Ill try and come up with a nice blog post on this idea!

    • dudebro

      That would be absolutely insane. I stand corrected.

      Travis- please write that post. Maybe it could get the wheels turning. Even 10 years from now, it’d be yours to win.

    • Chugach Powder Hound


      Thank you for the thoughtful response. You’re idea would be really cool. I certainly didn’t think of it. I’d love to read a blog on the topic.

      What about the women’s course? My daughter will be 19 in 2022 :-)

  • DT

    Luge and bobsled you can build in Reno or elsewhere. There are also options for the downhill in the Tahoe area, but it would almost certainly have to be at Heavenly (as much as I hate to say it) and would possibly require some additional cutting.

  • SquawCraw

    There are definitely issues to be worked out but I for one am all for the Olympics coming back. As for the mens downhill, I believe that Heavenly is an option as well as Mammoth. Another issue is a luge/bobsled venue but my guess is that they’d probably use the Salt Lake facilities. FYI, in 1960 they didn’t hold a bobsled competition at the Squaw Olympics, the only time they haven’t run bobsleds at the Winter Olympics…

      • SquawCraw

        I would hope so but it’s a HUGE expense for something that would most likely only be used for the Olympics themselves (look what happened to the ice and ski jumping venues at Squaw after the 1960 Olympics. I agree that the best thing would be to build a fresh set up and ideally they will. But it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they used the existing venue in Salt Lake…

  • Chugach Powder Hound

    Where would the downhill be run? The site of the 1960 men’s downhill is flat by todays standards. Can Heavenly do it or some other mountain?

    Or does anyone think squawpine can figure out a location.

  • Capt Crunch

    What are the odds this is the “Big News” we are supposedly going to get when we read part 4 of the article out of FL???

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