Rémy Métailler high-speed follow cam.

Have you ever seen a non-graphic video that manages to make your stomach twist and turn? Because that’s what this follow cam video of mountain biker Rémy Métailler manages to do to me. Throwing together a high-speed downhill mountain bike ride with skilled FPV drove pilot Josh Deisler was a great choice.

What do you get when you have a drone + a mountain biking professional all in one place? 🚵 Watch as FPV pilot Josh Deisler follows MTB legend Rémy Métailler through Whistler Bike Park in British Columbia. Speed is the name of the game for the GoPro Athlete, who puts his unmatched skills on a bike to the test on the regular. Whether its taking on massive jumps, hitting steep slabs or riding freshly-cut flow trails like this one, nothing is off limits for the French mountain biker.

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