Fireworks @ Brundage Ski Resort
Fireworks @ Brundage Ski Resort

As we gather as a nation to celebrate the 4th of July, its a fine time to give a quick shoutout to all the independently run ski resorts across the country. From the big ones to the small ones, we love you all.

Seems like every year skiers and snowboarders become more and more jaded as the ski industry steadily marches towards corporatization but there’s still a ton of resorts dotted across the expanse of America that aren’t owned by publicly traded companies and we hope you support them as much as we do.

One way to show your support to all the underdogs is by picking up an Indy Pass which provides access to a collection of independently-owned ski areas across North America and beyond. Indy Pass offers an affordable way to explore the world of independent resorts while maintaining a commitment to preserve the experience at their partner locations.

“There’s a revolution in skiing and riding. One that supports and empowers independent resorts while connecting people to the essence of the sport. One that keeps mountain sports affordable and accessible while helping our children forge a relationship with the mountains that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.” -Indy Pass

Indy Pass puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to this preservation of the low key personalized experience of skiing a mom and pop resort by not overselling their passes just to rake in the dough. Indy Pass has a strict capacity on limit on pass sales so their partner resorts don’t get overcrowded like so many other resorts that have gone corporate.

It’s a bummer every year when they sell out for the season but its understandable. Heads up though if you don’t already have your 2024/2025 Indy Pass, we got great news for you. They just added 10 new partner resorts which has expanded their capacity and opened up a limited quantity of passes available for purchase July 4th (BUY HERE). If you’re interested in securing an Indy Pass we seriously recommend you don’t sleep on this, the sale is expected to sell out quickly.

Happy Independence Day and cheers to all the independent ski resorts. Cheers!

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