Is skiing in Europe better than skiing in Colorado?

Is skiing in Colorado passé? Travel influencer Camille Larmoyeux of luxurytravelermedia certainly seems to think so! Specifically she thinks traveling to Europe to ski is a better overall deal than traveling to Colorado. So, if you already live in Colorado, this video probably isn’t for you…

Here are her five reasons:

  1. Europe is less expensive than Colorado
  2. Europe is less crowded than Colorado
  3. Mountains and ski areas are much bigger in Europe (interconnected areas included)
  4. Europe has better food than Colorado
  5. It’s easier to get to Europe from the East Coast than it is to get to Colorado

I think the first point and the fifth point might be a bit of a stretch. A flight from the East Coast to Colorado is typically ~5 hours max. A flight from the East Coast to any European ski area is going to be closer to ~7-8 hours. Now obviously it depends on where you’re going, but flying to a different county will always be more of a hassle than flying to a different state.

What do you think? Is she right?

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