Sun Valley, Idaho — After a ski season that featured the opening of two new chairlifts, Sun Valley Resort is continuing to modernize its lift infrastructure. This offseason, the Seattle Ridge chairlift is being replaced. The old high-speed detachable quad chairlift is being replaced by a new Doppelmayr six-pack high-speed detachable chairlift. This new chairlift will have an uphill capacity of 3000 people per hour, increase capacity by 20% compared to its predecessor. Another project going on this offseason is the addition of 91 more acres of glades in the Sunrise terrain pod, which will be part of the Bald Mountain Stewardship program.

This week, Sun Valley Resort gave its latest construction update. Previously, Sun Valley had removed the old chairlift. A Timberline helicopter recently flew the concrete up to the Seattle Ridge terrain pod. From there, workers on the ground completed the pouring into the future lift tower footers. Next up is the installation of the lift towers and cross-arms, which will also be installed with assistance from a Timberline helicopter.

On a side note, can we discuss how great Sun Valley’s updates are? As they did last year, the Idaho ski resort gives weekly updates on their off-season projects. We follow many ski resorts’ social media accounts online, but nobody is as consistent as Sun Valley with giving descriptive updates on these new chairlift projects.

Image/Video Credits: Sun Valley Resort

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