Ranger deters grizzly with voice @ Glacier National Park
Ranger deters grizzly with voice @ Glacier National Park

Excellent work by this park ranger whose voice was a strong enough bear repellent to keep this grizzly and her sows a safe distance away from a group of students hiking on the Gus Knauth Avalache Lake Trail inside Glacier National Park. Make no mistake about it, the ranger had his bear spray out and ready to deploy if the grizzlies continued to approach but thankfully verbal commands were a sufficient deterrent. Cheers to this ranger for taking authority over the situation and keeping everyone safe. Well done!

“We were in GNP with roughly 40 Gifted and Talented students from my son’s school ranging in age from 7-14. We had been made aware of the bears when we were halfway to Avalanche Lake. The Ranger had been in looking for them, saw them way off the trail, and wasn’t too concerned. Within mere moments of seeing the ranger (on his way out), the bears turned and came up the hill towards the children. My husband (the person who took the video) called the ranger back, and you are only seeing a small portion of what we experienced. It was terrifying in the moment, but what it was when the bears went on their way, was incredibly exhilarating. What a wonderful experience for all involved. We just wanted to share an amazing moment in time, not be beat down and ridiculed.”

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