Fishing boat runs aground on North Carolina beach.
Fishing boat runs aground on North Carolina beach.

Shocking scene caught on video from the shores of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina as a fishing boat came full speed towards a public beach near the Doubletree Hotel pier. Thankfully no one on the beach was injured but two people on the boat suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene. The cause of the accident has not been determined. An investigation by North Carolina Wildlife is underway.

Here’s another angle filmed from the pier:

All other individuals signed refusal forms and did not wish to be transported to the hospital. NC Wildlife was notified along with Towboat US. NC Wildlife requested the two co-owners of the vessel, and the captain, be detained until they arrived. While waiting for their arrival, ABPD units gathered all information of parties involved along with witness statements/pictures and photos of the incident. All information was passed to Wildlife upon their arrival.” -Pine Knoll Shores Fire and Police

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