Tragic gondola accident in Colombia.
Tragic gondola accident in Colombia.

Tragic news out of Medellin, Colombia where a gondola failed and plunged onto the sidewalk near the bottom platform killing one and injuring 12 others. City News reports its not clear if the person who died was a passenger on the gondola or someone on the street.

Medellín Mayor Federico Gutiérrez issued a statement on that there were 10 passengers on board the Metrocable cabin when the accident happened:

Early reports are the gondola cabin hit another gondola cabin while on descent and then failed as it approached a station. The the cause of the accident has not been immediately determined and is under investigation.

We are very familiar with ropeway transportation as skiers and snowboarders but they also server as public transportation in places around the world. Medellin’s Metrocable operates 6 lines designed to server some of the city’s low-income neighborhoods that are built on steep hills.

Our thoughts are with the people of Colombia on this tragic day.

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