Big horn sheep discovers self serve water source.
Big horn sheep discovers self serve water source.

Its one of those things nobody would have believed unless you got it on video. Check out this big horn sheep who discovered how to quench it’s thirst in the midst of 100° heat by turning on a campground water spigot. Apparently this went on for ten minutes and this fella was joined by two other rams to wet their whistles.

“It was 8:00 P.M. and 100 degrees as I watched this ram come down out of the rocks into the campground. He disappeared behind some bushes and I heard water running. When I got a clear view I couldn’t believe my eyes, this ram was able to manipulate the spring loaded valve to turn on the water. Two other rams joined him and he repeatedly turned the water on and off till they drank their fill. Lasted a good 10 minutes.”

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