Yellowstone bison.

Sometimes believing in yourself can be difficult. Life gets ya down from time to time, and picking yourself back up just isn’t that easy. So the National Park Service social media team released a little PSA to remind us all to feel confident in ourselves. Their message? “Believe in yourself like visitors who believe they can pet a bison.

Hopefully a part of believing in yourself is believing that you won’t try to pet a bison. If you do believe you’ll succeed in petting the fluffy cow, maybe you should believe in yourself a little bit less.

By believing in yourself and acting responsibly, you can achieve great things while also protecting the natural world. You can also cut down on hospital bills and excessive government paperwork. You did what? Where? Sounds like a win-win-win situation to us, which in the end, means we all win.

A National Park Service post to X. Credit: National Park Service

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