ConnX Intermodal gondola by LEITNER
ConnX Intermodal gondola by LEITNER

Imagine getting onto a gondola at the end of a ski day, downloading to the base and getting delivered to your front door without ever having to step foot out of the cabin. LEITNER has been fine tuning a intermodal mobility system for years that could make farfetched scenario a reality and it is set hit the market in 2025. The ConnX primarily aims to revolutionize urban mobility by connecting gondola cabins to an autonomous electric vehicles but its not hard to imagine how this technology might be applied across the ski industry. Put some snow tires on those autonomous electric vehicles and you have door to summit transportation which would redefine ski in/ski out housing:

Here is a video from LEITNER detailing the testing and development phase of ConnX in conjunction with the Slovenian experts of Elaphe Propulsion Technologies. Elaphe is no stranger to coming up with solutions to driving in snow, you can see what I mean HERE:

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