Andy Macdonald Olympic skateboard bid at 50 years old.
Andy Macdonald Olympic skateboard bid at 50 years old.

Andy Macdonal’s professional skateboarding career has spanned 30-years and he has tons of accolades including being the first skater on the Tonight Show, the first skateboarder to skate in the White House, and eight X-Games gold medals but now at age 50 Andy has his sights set on Olympic glory.

Andy is a Southern California skater through and through but his dad is from Britain and he has qualified for the Great Britain National Team. He is mostly a vert skater but hoping to compete in the Olympic park competition. If he makes it he will become the oldest skateboarder to compete in the Olympics:

“It is not like this is some big comeback. What I tell most people, like people my age, who are like, ‘Ah, you are such an inspiration you are still skating with the kids,’ and I am like yeah, I never stopped. This Olympic thing is just a new fun thing to try out and here I am at 50 and still traveling the world doing what I love to do.” -Andy Macdonald

If he qualifies and takes to the ramps of Paris, I really hope they let him sport his trademark yellow helmet that he’s worn since forever. For Andy to qualify for the Paris Olympics, he needs to finish in the top 20 at a qualifying event in Budapest today. Good luck Andy, we are rooting for you!

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