Grizzlies cause a major traffic jam in Yellowstone.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyoming – Traffic jams due to wildlife are not uncommon in Yellowstone National Park. In fact, bear-induced traffic jams are so common that they have their own name: bear jams. This specific jam was caused by a few bears looking for a nice road kill snack. Can you spot what’s done wrong in the clip?

“The mother grizzly and her cub walk on the hillside and the grizzly cub runs after some birds. Then both bears start to make their way towards the road where a lot of tourists are parked to observe them. At first it is not clear as to why they went down to the road with so many people in their way, but you soon see the mother grizzly grab the road kill and then run back up the hill. She then gives the road kill to her cub to eat.

So, what’s wrong with the clip? That’s right! The lady in the tie-dye shirt got out of her car to take a video or photos. If you’re ever caught in a bear jam, you should stay in your car, or at least right next to your car so you can get back in quickly. Otherwise it seems like most people are staying in their cars and staying safe.

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